Carolina Based Metal inspired Punk Rock,  A Life Worth Taking formed in 2020 after the pandemic ended multiple band projects. The band formed to write songs about life, love, heartbreak, and mental health. After played their debut shows in June of 2022. They played 22 gigs between then and the end of 2023. At the beginning of 2024, the band moved to it's current line-up after parting ways with a few members and began working on a full studio album. They also began working with Get Warped Entertainment.

Stay tuned for new songs and memorable shows!

Jay Longwell

Vocals / Guitar

From the age of five, the dream was to be performing. He started writing at the age of nine. While dealing with mental health throught life, the goal was to write songs that others could relate with. Writng in all genres helped craft the blends you hear when ALWT takes the stage.

Zakk Lunsford

Drums / Vocals

Human manifestation of the muppet Animal.

Takes out ruthless aggression on the poor drum set.

He makes things go boom, plink, clink. 

Swedish death metal and punk influences.

Been sitting behind drum sets since five.

Alex Rotanov


Born in the coldest city of Siberia in the middle of nowhere, he never thought that in the new century he would be playing in the most wanted, heaviest, most bad ass band of all time. And he never did. Instead now he is a guitarist in A Life Worth Taking.

Nate Schmidt

Bass / Vocals

- Bio Coming Soon - 

Photo credits: Xb2Xr Creative 

Previous Members:

Nathan Howard 

Alex Lucero