Carolina based punk rock band bringing original music and high octane fun. Created in late 2020 after the pandemic ended several bands, we came together to create new music. Songs have fun melodies that harken back the pop punk/punk rock scene of the mid 2000s, are blended with elements of other genres (such as metalcore, hip hop, and ska), and full of catchy lyrics that will stick with you long after the song ends. Our Songs are packed with emotion and feeling; talking about subjects such as love, loss, heartbreak, and mental health.


"Demonstrating their raw and tenacious technique in full flight like a band on a mission to play on those massive stages, A Life Worth Taking explodes like a firecracker ready for the night’s adventures on their debut track, ‘God Save The Scene‘."

- Llewelyn Screen at A&R Factory


We have included some videos from past performances, a few songs, and photos below so that you can have an idea of our sound and stage presence. 
Thank You.