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Rebel Taqueria and the Striped Pig Distillery, 1809 Reynolds Ave, Charleston, SC

T.H.C THE HEAVYMETAL COLLECTIVE WORLDWIDE METAL CLUB PRESENTS PRIMAL CONCRETE SLEDGE WE are holding an ALL AGES 2 day 2 venues, metal, and punk donation based show!! At the REBEL TAQUERIA and the STRIPED PIG DISTILLERY, We need money or materials. Did you say materials?Yep, that's right. we need concrete rebar and money to help finish The Bridge Spot skate park (can be found on Google maps). Bring whatever you want to donate to get into this event. On July 28th and 29th 28 bands will take the stage bands, including FRIDAY REBEL TAQUERIA 10-1030PM 1. HAUNTERS 11-1130PM 2.SICKHAUSEN 12-1230AM 3.FORSAKEN PROFIT$ 1-130 AM 4.SHEM CREEPS FRIDAY STRIPED PIG 7-8PM 5.SILL CROW 8-9PM 6.COFFINSLIDE 9-10PM 7.SORROW OF SILENCE 10-11PM 8.THE PLAN 11-12PM. 9ALL IS CALM 12-1AM 10.JULIA LEGARE 1-2AM 11.STRIKE FACE SATURDAY REBEL TAQUERIA 10-1030PM 12.A LIFE WORTH TAKING 11-1130PM 13.THE INNOCENTS 12-1230AM 14.LUCILE 1-130AM 15.MIDDLETOOTH SATURDAY STRIPED PIG 1-2 16.DIABEETUS 2-3PM 17.INTERCEPTOR 3-4PM 18.LOVE TACO 4-5PM 19.THE SAWTOOTH PACK 5-6PM 20.FIG DUNGUS 6-7PM 21.THE PANIC BROADCAST 7-8PM 22.SYSTEMATIC DEVASTATION 8-9PM 23.FALLEN SONS 9-10PM 24.BLOOD OF A SAINT 10-11PM 25.PATH TO EXILE 11-12PM 26.VIOLENT END 12-1AM 27.FINAL PUNISHMENT 1-2AM 28.DENOUNCED AND DISGRACED This benefit is brought to you by Stuckey Sound, J&J Contracting, Low Country Hemp Farmers, Ultimate Autoworks BMW Service and repair ACG TILE &CAROLINAS STRONG ROCK BENEFIT SHOWS